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Since 2009, a fraternity of men seeking men to be a part of a discreet social network of guys who enjoy male bonding and cock2cock pleasure. Welcome if you enjoy frottage, cockfighting, mutual masturbation, comparison challenges, wrestling, body contact, tests of strength and tests of endurance.


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  • AutoMatch to match your saved search every day automatically
  • Icebreakers to quickly let someone know you are interested in them
  • You may post more than one locale for your profile
  • Read your messages online or forward them to your email address
  • Optional periodic newsletter annoucing new features and changes
  • Extensive online help
  • Keep a list of your favorites and view other's favorites
  • Automatic bouncing email notification
  • ScamArrest analyses message content and stops scams
  • Quick response trouble reporting
  • Reddit and Facebook links on profiles
  • Event Calendar showing events of interest to our members
  • Interactive free real-time cam-chat
  • You can block users you do not wish to hear from
  • Convenient and quick abuse reporting
  • View the most popular profiles and see who has viewed your profile
  • Supporting Memberships with unlimited contact ability
  • All profiles have photos (requirement)
  • We guarantee your privacy ... no-one can see your email address, full name or date of birth
  • Media galleries for each member containing video and sound files.
  • There are no stale profiles
  • Only appropriate public photos may be posted
  • Public, private and restricted galleries for your photos, each may have up to 60 photos
  • Keep online notes on your contacts and favorite profiles
  • Aggressive elimination of hustlers
  • Convenient spell checking of your description
  • No empty profiles. Descriptions of at least 100 characters are required.
  • You can tell how active a user is by checking the interest level on their profile.
  • Emeets to score the results of a meeting with another member
  • You can recall a dialog with any member from a button on their profile
  • You can see if you have previously contacted any member
  • Duplicate messages are automatically blocked to prevent 'flooding'
  • Print a set of contact cards with your photo, statistics, and a scanable QR code containing your personals profile URL.
  • Supporting membership status on the anniversary of your signup.
  • Automatic conversion of your videos to HTML5
  • Use your locale for a vacation with start and end dates
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