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Black Frot Blog For the frot brotha, pics, vids, stories and info on upcoming meet n greets in the Los Angeles area. GAY <no rank>
Bone Sutra
Bone Sutra Amazing site. All about the Art of the Grind. A guide of Frot positions. GAY <no rank>
Frottage Club (www.heroichomosex.org) Frottage Club-- Nice site about Frot Love and Male Bonding GAY <no rank>
G0Ys Man2Man A very interesting site about Male affection/bonding. Alot of information/Links OTHER <no rank>
WWW.COCK2COCK.COM frot and cockfights videos and stories GAY <no rank>

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Since 2009, a fraternity of men seeking men to be a part of a discreet social network of guys who enjoy male bonding and cock2cock pleasure. Welcome if you enjoy frottage, cockfighting, mutual masturbation, comparison challenges, wrestling, body contact, tests of strength and tests of endurance.

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